Streamlight, known the world over for
pioneering big ideas in rechargeable
flashlights, proudly presents one of our
smallest ideas ever: Strion, the world's
brightest, ultra-compact rechargeable
flashlight. Strion's exclusive Lithium Ion
battery technology packs 12,000
candlepower into a bulletproof 5.3-inch
package. That's almost as powerful as
the #1 rechargeable light for law
enforcement, the Stinger, in a body
only two-thirds the size and less than
half the weight. In short, Strion is a
very small light that's going to make
some big waves in the industry.
12,000 candlepower
Only 5.3 inches long
Weight only .29 lbs.
Run time: 70 minutes
Aircraft aluminum with anodized finish